Happy Weekend!

What a lovely thought. There are no wrong turns in life because every turn is part of our path. Every turn, especially the unexpected ones, contribute to our soul's evolution, to our own personal growth, wisdom, and experience. It is easy to get caught up in trying to make the 'right' decision, sometimes so much so, that we become paralyzed to move forward. Remember this quote when you are feeling fear or despair. Every choice, every experience is there to contribute to our own evolution if we allow ourselves to learn from the experience. Happy Weekend! 

whatever opens us

Mark Nepo is on my short list of deeply inspiring writers. I love this quote, because it reminds me that we consistently become opened, awakened. We shed layers like insects and reptiles and constantly evolve. Certain experiences, people, and places awaken parts within us. We can suddenly become aware of something we had been blind to in the past, a new perspective, a new us is born. What opens us may not always be pleasant, and in fact, it's often the hardships and tragedies that force us to grow. Sometimes, wonderful things open our hearts, falling in love, for example, or becoming a new parent helps to awaken something that may have been living dormant within us all along. I believe Nepo describes it as being "broken open", a term which sounds painful and almost violent, but if you picture an agate stone, rough and brown on the outside, with beautiful crystals on the inside, it's easy to see how being broken open can help us to evolve into someone greater, emotionally strong, and emotionally beautiful. Rejoice in the being broken open, awakening to something greater, and try not to attach to the you you've left behind. It feels pretty good to realize you've grown, even if from a tough situation. Have a great weekend everyone.