Simple Pleasure of the Week : Going Barefoot

Barefoot equals carefree. Barefoot equals grounded, connected. Barefoot equals summertime, beach days, weekends, the earth beneath your feet. There's something relaxed about kicking off your shoes and walking around atop an earth warmed by the sun. Kids often run around barefoot, but as we get older it can be easy to forget this simple pleasure. With summertime in full swing, and the weekend right around the corner, there's no better time than now to enjoy this simple pleasure so kick off your shoes, walk around in freshly cut grass, riverbed, seashore, or simply your living room. Happy weekend!

Simple Pleasure of the Week: The Sun

I just wrote about the sun in yesterday's instagram post and it got me thinking "the sun deserves its own simple pleasure". Without the sun, most if not all life would perish on earth. We are completely reliant on that big ball of fire, and it is also wonderful (sunburns excluded). When the sun is out blazing, it brings everyone outside, into nature, grilling with friends, or down by the sea shore. Who doesn't love to lay in the sun, totally relaxed as you feel its warmth upon your skin, and don't forget about how beautiful it looks rising and setting. I love the sun. I love its light, dispersed through trees, dancing upon water, shining in through my windows in the early morning. With it being summer, there's plenty of that simple pleasure to go around, just make sure you use some good spf ; ) Happy weekend!

Simple Pleasure of the Week: Dinner by candlelight

This is a simple pleasure I often forget about. Candlelight makes dinners just a bit more special. There's something about dim light, the smell of the candle wax after the flames have been snuffed out, the dark that surrounds you as you sit around a table. It's such a simple task to light candles, but there's something about the act that signifies your meal as an experience. When I was little, we would have candlelight dinners once in a while, always when my mother cooked something special. It's something I'll never forget, and a simple pleasure to enjoy with a loved one, your entire family, or alone as an act of self-love. Happy Weekend!

Simple Pleasure of the Week: Morning

I know some people are going to be reading this thinking "screw mornings, I'm a night owl", but for me, mornings are the best. I love the quiet of morning, the way the air smells outside, the still energy that still lingers as the world is just waking up. I love the dispersed light outside, leftover from sunrise, and the fact that the entire day lays ahead of you, full of possibility. I love the culture of morning: pajamas, coffee, pancakes, newspapers, etc. I love the sounds of morning. My husband and I even shifted our daily schedule to include more mornings, going to bed an hour earlier and waking 1/2 hour earlier. With the weekend coming up, there's plenty of morning to go around, and plenty of opportunity to soak up this simple pleasure. Happy Weekend!

Simple Pleasure of the week: A Lazy Day

We fondly refer to Saturdays as 'Sacred Saturday' because it's the day we try to have no obligations. I don't even exercise (unless it's a bike ride to brunch or a hike in a beautiful setting). A lazy day with no obligations is free, costs nothing, and can be exactly what's needed. This week's simple pleasure is a lazy day. Lazy days could be spent in bed, laying on the couch, at the beach. They could be spent laying on a blanket, perched above grass, below the sun. Lazy days could be spent simply, cooking meals and listening to music or they could be spent on a lounge chair halfway around the world. Point is, they are wonderful, necessary, and this weeks' simple pleasure. Happy Weekend.

simple pleasure of the week: the possibility of having a dream come true

Ahh dreams, hopes, wishes, goals. You can call them whatever you want, but dreams bring us both pleasure and pain. We suffer when we don't have what we want; when we haven't reached a goal yet, or find ourselves in that place of fear, where we doubt whether we ever will. Dreams also give us something to hope for, a compass with which to guide our energy. It was Paulo Coelho who said "It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." Dreams equal possibility. Dreams equal opportunity. Dreams equal hope. Dream big. Dream hard. Dream of magic. Dream of love. Happy Weekend! 

Simple Pleasure of the week: Kids

Kids may just be the ultimate simple pleasure. If we listen, they have so much to teach us. Kids are able to truly be in the moment, to see the world in a way we sometimes can't. Everything is more magical through kid eyes (e.g. holidays, the beach). Kids say what's on their minds, cry when they're sad, laugh when they're happy, and they know how to truly play. Spending time with kids allows you to see experience the world through their eyes, even if only for an hour, to make believe, play hide-and-go-seek, laugh, and forget all the adult responsibilities waiting for you. This is definitely a simple pleasure to enjoy as often as possible. Happy weekend!

simple pleasure of the week: warm towels fresh out of the dryer

When I was little, getting out of the bath was extremely emotional for me. My mom used to throw my bath towel in the dryer while I was in the bath and then wrap me up in it, hot out of the dryer when it was time to get out of the tub. I just did laundry today and was reminded of what a simple pleasure warm bath towels fresh out of the dryer are, especially as you get out of a shower or bath on a cold evening. This is something that's so simple to do, a little more difficult if you don't have a washer or dryer at home. Next time you want to extra pamper yourself, warm your bath towel up and wrap yourself in it's warmth. Happy weekend!

Simple pleasure of the week: solitude

Having time to yourself is special. Time alone provides opportunities for reflection, inspiration, for connection with self, for beautiful things to happen. Sometimes it just provides opportunity for a Netflix binge, but that's another story. I've written about the importance of social relationships and the dangers of isolation. Solitude is different from isolation. Solitude is time alone with a positive intention. Solitude feels good, whereas isolation doesn't. Solitude is all about getting quiet and grounded. It's about creating space in your life, and it's necessary for balance. I had a lovely day at home with the husband at work and it was just what I needed to rebalance, reconnect with myself, and reconnect with inspiration. Next time you feel overwhelmed, overly busy, bombarded with information and stimulation, seek some solitude and see how it goes. Happy Weekend!