DIY gift wrapping

Time to wrap some gifts! Running out of wrapping paper? Don't feel like heading to the store? Want to be eco-friendly? I am going to show you how to wrap gifts with items you already have in your house. It is so simple to do and can save you some pennies as well!

I am always forgetting my reusable bags when I go to the grocery store. So, when this happens I ask for paper bags and store them in a drawer in the kitchen. When a holiday comes up (and the present is small enough) I pull out a bag, cut it to the right size and use it instead of wrapping paper! From the outside it looks just like that craft wrapping paper you probably have been seeing all over Pinterest! 

Another option for this would be the packing or butcher paper you find inside mailed boxes. That is what the polka dot stamped paper below is made with. It is a great way to use something that would otherwise just be thrown out. 

The stamps, ink, and twine can be bought at Michaels or any craft store. 

I purchased the stickers you see on the gifts from a boutique in San Jose. I have seen similar ones at Michaels. You can also make your own tags. Did you receive any Christmas cards this year? Take the image side of the card and either trace a tag or circle in pencil and cut it out or do what I did and use a paper punch to make the tag. Then use a hole punch to make a small hole in the tag to attach it to gifts. 

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