The importance of vitamin D

I have been hearing a lot lately about the benefits of vitamin D. A couple weeks ago my dad brought it up in conversation. He is always talking to me about ways to improve my health (he's a psychiatrist) and mentioned that I should start taking vitamin D3. He told me about how it has been proven to improve mood, and be good for your bones and heart. I take a women's multi-vitamin daily and really did not want to have to remember to take any more pills throughout the day. I took his recommendation into consideration but did not look more into it. Then, the other day I picked up a Real Simple magazine and there was a whole page dedicated to the benefits of vit D! Here is a link to the article.

This information made me think a little more about trying this vitamin. THEN, the next day I was in a meeting at my internship and the psychiatrist who works there brought up the benefits of vit D as well! He spoke about how it effects mood and can help improve the immune system. So, needless to say, I will start to incorporate vitamin D3 (vit D2 is supposed to work well too but I chose to go with 3) into my daily routine. 

*I have read and been told to take between 1,000 - 2,000 iu daily. So, that is what I will be doing. 

Have you heard anything about this vitamin? If you are taking it, I'd love to hear how it is working (or not working) for you!

image via pinterest