Rodin Olio Lusso

image via Barneys

So, I have not used moisturizer in a month. And I would never go back to doing so. I had been lusting over this face oil for months. I had heard that it was wonderful for your skin, smelled amazing, and was long lasting. I really wanted to try that out for myself but at $150 per bottle, I was very hesitant! While I was making my decision, I did some research on my own. I thought, why couldn’t I make this myself? Well, I spent a few hours on the Internet researching, figuring out which essential oils are actually the best of the best (since I knew Olio Lusso uses only the best). I came to find out Native American Nutritionals, Young Living, and doTerra are some of the best. I then went to look up the 11 essential oils in Olio Lusso on Native American Nutritionals site. What did I come to find out? Just one of the essential oils, Neroli, cost $65 for 5ml, the smallest quantity they sell. It was crazy expensive! So, I found some cheaper sites that I heard good things about. I found all the oils in Olio Lusso and added them to my carts (not all sold on one site). I took a snapshot of the carts below. One was from 100% Pure Essential Oils and the other from Garden of Wisdom. Even at these less expensive stores, they all added up quickly and I wasn't sure if I would be getting the quality I would get from Rodin's. Additionally, I would have to do a lot of playing with expensive products to figure out the right ratio of each.

So, I decided to take the plunge and buy Olio Lusso. And I absolutely love it! The smell is divine! Some people said they don't like it, too strong, but I think it's great. The first night I put it on my husband said it smelled like we were on some exotic vacation (that alone made me think it was worth the money!!) and he doesn't like heavy scents at all. I have also noticed my complexion is more even and so much less dry! I use Proactiv, which is very drying on my skin. Last night I applied a Proactiv mask that left my skin super dry and flaky. I put the oil on afterwards and woke up today with a dewy complexion once again.

I really don't think I will go back to moisturizer! Plus, I do believe this oil will last 8 months, which makes the price not so bad. Not to mention, how much healthier this is for your skin! It is all natural, you know exactly what you are putting on your face. 

I would love to hear from anyone who has made a face oil on their own! Or if anyone has had experience buying/trying different essential oils :)