a little hair cut

So, I did it...I cut my own hair!! I have wanted to do this for months now. I saw DIY videos on YouTube and it inspired me to give it a try. This took me 5 minutes tops and looks great! I will for sure continue to cut my own hair. The pics above are from after. Didn't have a before shot but about 3 inches were cut off. I probably need more like 6 inches cut but I wanted to err on the side of caution for the first time

Here is a link to the video I ended up following.

What I did: 

I started off with wet hair that I sprayed with hair serum (that I made and will post about next week!). I brushed my hair through and then put it in a ponytail at the top of my head. I made sure that everything was smooth (no bumps) and that the pony was perfectly centered. I then pushed the ponytail holder to the ends, leaving just what I wanted to cut off. Then on a slight right to left diagonal I snipped away! It definitely helps to watch a video on this!

Some things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure to use hair cutting shears! You can get some at any beauty supply store or drug store. I got mine for $12 at Rite Aid. If you do not use scissors made for hair you could cause more damage to the ends, more split ends. 

2. If you want longer layers put the ponytail back a little bit, towards the crown of your head. If you want shorter layers then put the ponytail more towards the forehead.

3. The girl in the video cut her hair very much on a diagonal. I wouldn’t recommend this at first. I think it makes the cut more drastic, so for the first time I would suggest a slighter angle. Also, I only did the first step in the video, I did not go back in for extra layers.

4. I have seen people cut both wet and dry hair. I think both works. I did mine wet. If it is done dry, the hair just needs to be perfectly straight. I was worried mine wasn't going to be so I thought wet would be easier.

* Not everyone has the same type of hair and what worked for me may not work for someone else. Please proceed at your own risk!

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