Essential oils for the hair

I ran out of my beloved Kerastase anti frizz serum last week. It is super expensive and wasn't sure if I should repurchase. I had recently researched about the benefits of certain essential oils for your hair. I thought, why not just put those oils directly onto my hair? So I did, and I love it. It is cheaper, healthier, and better smelling than anything I have tried! 

I read in Jeanne Rose's Herbal Body Book about the benefits of Rosemary and Lavender oil. I then researched some more and found out how great Geranium oil can be for your hair as well. This is what I found:

Rosemary is good for: dandruff, conditioner, hair falling out, hair growth, hair health, hair shine, split ends

Lavender is good for: conditioner, split ends, hair growth

Geranium is good for: split ends, dry hair

When I get out of the shower, before brushing my wet hair I apply 2 drops of the rosemary and 2 of the lavender all over from root to tip. After that I apply the geranium onto my ends. I purchased the geranium from doTerra, which smells like roses. It is heavenly and the smell lingers literally all day! I would highly recommend that essential oil or rose geranium oil from elsewhere. My hair doesn't look oily at all, just shiny and healthy :)