infused water

One day in second grade I was standing at the water fountain. As I went up to get a sip I realized I didn't like water and didn't understand why everyone did. I thought it didn't taste good. Since then I really have not been a big water drinker. Some days it will be 3 in the afternoon and I realize I have not had one glass of water that day (really bad, I know). The  Mayo Clinic suggests   women drink about 9 cups a day and men about 13. I have been nowhere near those numbers.

Especially while doing hot yoga, I know how important water is to my body and so I needed to do something to change this habit. I chatted with my sister and she had a great solution, infused water! She suggested buying a carafe with an area to put fruit inside. Overnight the fruit will infuse the water with those flavors. I thought that was genius. She went on to say I should buy a 2.2-liter carafe (the recommended daily intake) and just fill it up each night and finish it each day. This way I knew exactly how much I needed to get down. This is what she had been doing for months and it worked great for her. 

So, I bought the pitcher last week and have been doing just what was suggested. I fill it up at night and try to finish it all the next day. I have actually been doing pretty well with it and can see a difference in my energy levels and the way I feel after hot yoga. Sometimes after yoga I have a headache that comes from dehydration. I have not had that all week. 

It has been fun playing with flavors too! My favorite combo is cucumber and mint. I love putting lemon in there as well. I actually enjoy the water now! 

Do you have any tricks to drinking enough water? 

You can find this pitcher on Amazon through the link below.