gluten free + guilt free pizza

This was a fun meal to make with the hubby. Those close to me know how picky I am when it comes to what I put in my mouth. If I order a pizza I usually ask for it with no cheese, thin crust, and all veggies. When I bring it home I tend to add some parmesan on top and sprinkle a little red pepper (delish!). But yes, I do know this is not for everyone and sharing with others who do not have my taste can turn into an issue. What I loved about this pizza is I could make it EXACTLY how I wanted and didn't have to share! 

For this we bought gluten free pizza dough from here. If you have would prefer to make your own dough I thought this recipe here sounded great. Also, the toppings can be whatever you want them to be! We used what we had on hand and what was fresh at the store. Below are the ingredients I used for my individual pizza.


  • pizza dough of your choosing (then, follow directions on package or recipe to make dough)
  • 1/4 organic squash, sliced
  • 1/4 container organic mixed greens
  • fresh mozzarella balls (I used about 5 on my individual pizza)
  • 1/8 onion, sliced
  • garlic (about 2 cloves) 
  • red sauce/pizza sauce, homemade or store bought (just enough to cover crust) 
  • olive oil (optional, I like EVOO on everything)
  • salt and pepper
  • red pepper


First make the dough by following the package or a recipe of your choosing. Set oven to about 425° or whatever your recipe calls for. Then, role the dough out and put onto greased or lined pizza pan or baking sheet. We do not own a pizza pan and had to make do with a baking sheet. The shape did not turn out perfectly round but it still cooked well. Put the crust without sauce in the oven for about 7 minutes. Now, take the crust out and lightly coat with olive oil and red sauce. Cover with toppings of your choice or the ones I mentioned above. Place pizza back in oven for around 15 minutes. Enjoy!