vision board diy

As part of our New Year ritual, Matt and I decided to create a vision board together. Not only does a vision board help you to think about and solidify goals and intentions, but it is also a nice activity to do as a couple or as a family. This is our first New Year as a married couple, so Matt and I took the vision board as an opportunity to think of goals and create a board that represented our hopes and dreams for our future together. 

Vision boards are also in alignment with the law of attraction, the belief that our thoughts have the power to create reality. The idea is that what we think and wish for on a conscious or subconscious level, materializes in some form. Therefore, creating a vision board sends an order to the universe so to speak regarding what we would like in our lives. If you are not a believer in the law of attraction, at the very least, a vision board is fun, and also a good activity to reflect on and set intention. Vision boards give you a visual aim for your life and clear goals to aim your energy at. 


  • magazines

  • glue or glue stick

  • scissors

  • poster board or piece of paper for backing


  • go through magazines and pull out pictures/words that align with your hopes, and intentions

  • break up visions into categories for a well-balanced dream of the future

  • arrange pictures, words, quotes on board in a collage format and glue down

  • admire your completed vision board

Matt and I went through magazines and pulled out pictures that aligned with our goals. We broke up goals into 4 categories to ensure we were thinking about a well-balanced future. :

  • Health/Wellness: category for all things health and wellness, mind and body, mental state and emotional intentions.

  • Love/Relationships: all things love and relationships: this includes friends, professional relationships, pets, romance, family relationship, etc.

  • Career/Finance : everything related to money, career, professional identity, and hopes for future work. You could even include how you want your work to feel.

  • Creative/Lifestyle : this can be a catch-all category for all of the intentions that don't fit into the earlier categories. This can also be a place where you think about the life you want to live (e.g. travel, overall tonality of your lifestyle, etc.).

We then arranged them as a collage and pasted them to the board. Check out this short video for a more in depth tutorial.

Now go forth and vision board away. Remember you can place anything on the board! Make sure you focus on whatever it is you want in life, no matter how big or small. The idea behind the vision board is that the you and the universe have a symbiotic relationship and thoughts create reality. Rumi said it best with the quote "what you seek is seeking you".