how to turn meditation into a daily practice

Two years ago I found and shared this fabulous infographic about the benefits of meditation. There is lots of info out there on the world wide web about the benefits of meditating. It is clear that this practice can help improve your physical and mental well-being. Turning to the present moment and focusing inward during meditation helps us to improve our intuition, clear our minds, reduce anxiety levels, increase serotonin levels (which improves mood), increase energy levels...The list really does go on and on. Despite all of these great benefits I have trouble getting myself to just do it! And I know I'm not alone. I have spoken with friends and clients about this exact problem. Finding time in the day can be a struggle. Especially when it is recommended to do 20 minutes a day. I believe most of what we do in the day is habit forming. The times we eat meals, the time we wake up and go to sleep, even the little day to day tasks like the way we pick out what to wear for the day, showering, checking Facebook, or watching TV. These can become mindless activities that leave us with little time in the day for anything else. So, my thought is, let's start becoming more aware of those habits, let's change them to give ourselves more time for other activities we've been wanting to do but are putting off.

That's my plan at least. If I wake up a few minutes (that's all really!) earlier, check Facebook once a day (only in the evening) instead of twice, and pick out my outfit the night before instead of in the morning I will actually have time for that 20 minute meditation and I didn't have to cut anything huge out of my life to make it possible. My hope is that I can turn meditation into a mindful habit. I want it to be something I do everyday as part of my morning ritual, no questions asked. 

The steps above make meditation even more doable. I am starting with 10 minutes a day and adding a couple each week until I reach 20. EVERYONE has 10 minutes to spare, so if meditation is something you have wanted to try, start with 10 minutes of breathing and silence. It ALL begins and ends in your mind so take some time to clean it out everyday : )