simple pleasure of the week: friendship

It was my birthday on Wednesday and what came to mind as I sat down to write this post is just how important connection and friendship is in life. I felt so grateful being able to celebrate life with some of the most genuine, kind hearted individuals I know.  Neurobiological research shows that stress is reduced through supportive relationships. We are social creatures. Relationships lift you up, brighten your spirit, and satisfy the soul. What better way to decrease stress than going out with your girlfriends? The great thing about this simple pleasure is you don't need to spend any money. You can go for a walk, exercise together, or meet up for coffee. 

Hanging out with your friends really does force you to be in the present moment, and as long as you have supportive, positive friends, you will feel better after hanging out with them. I know when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed, I tend to isolate when what I really need to do is be around others. So, next time you feel stressed or just want some extra joy, call up a friend for a walk, coffee, or dinner.