growing from pain

This is one of my favorite quotes. The first few times I read this quote, I didn't understand what it meant. Now I realize the brilliance of this quote and who doesn't love them some Rumi? Our pain, our discomfort, our imperfections are actually opportunities for growth. Whenever something really bothers you and you can't stop thinking about it or you can't snap out of the bad mood that's resulted, there's an opportunity to learn more about what your wounds are and how they have power over you. The awesome thing is that just by becoming aware of your wounds, of why you are feeling so upset, the wound doesn't have as much power over you. Once you become aware of the "why" you have a choice of how you want to react. Everyone has wounds. If you have lived in this world as a human, you have some emotional wounds, because that is part of this journey: becoming wounded and learning how to heal yourself. It's much harder to learn from our joys and our successes than it is to learn from our failures and our pain so the next time you are suffering, remember the wound is the place where the light enters you. Happy weekend!