Big Changes for Love + Yoga

Hi wonderful love + yoga family. We want to announce big changes to come for the blog as well as Sarah's departure from the blogosphere. Sarah will sadly be leaving us at Love + Yoga. She's feeling burnt out on blogging and just wasn't fulfilled or inspired by the blogging process. And... if you aren't enjoying it, you shouldn't do it. I, however, still love blogging and writing, as a creative outlet. I'm hoping to make some big changes here as I discover what my solo style is. I hope you will stick around and join me in this process (which may include a name change and overall makeover)!

Sarah will be missed, and fingers crossed she makes a cameo here every now and then. At the very least, you should be getting glimpses of her on our Instagram account since we are besties. Please stick with me through this process, and follow along with Sarah on her journey via instagram @sarahdigrazia.

life is about trusting your feelings, taking chances, finding happiness, learning from the past, and realizing everything changes
— the love notebook