happiness collective changes and update

Hi collective family! I wanted to keep you all updated regarding changes to the blog. All of you know Sarah left the blog, and with her departure comes some big changes. So firstly: 

The title/Blog name: I chose Happiness | Collective because I realized majority of our posts were related to living a happy life. Posts will continue to be about living a happy lifestyle mind body and spirit. This includes yoga. This includes healthy living both diet and lifestyle. This includes personal growth, meditation, and positive psychology information. The collective is comprised of you guys. You all make up the this happiness collective, this blog's community and collection of people who share a common interest in living a conscious, fulfilling lifestyle. 

Changes to come: The blog will continue to evolve, but changes planned include new categories, and a new makeover. I'd like more posts to be accessible on the home page in a grid layout where readers can access more posts at first glance. I'm also thinking of categories to be changed which correlate with the blog's focus on happy living (e.g. mind, body, spirit). 

My own journey: This has undoubtedly been extremely challenging. I'm not computer savvy, and making all of these changes has been a huge learning curve for me! At times I've felt hopeless and lost, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Taking over the blog, redesigning layouts, and making and merging accounts has been a bit like feeling my way through a dark tunnel I've never walked through before. At times, I don't know if I'll reach the end. It has, however been extremely rewarding and the process continually pushes my mind to expand. This, I'm grateful for. I'm also grateful for the outpouring of support I've received from friends and loved ones, as well as the collective family on social media. 

Sorry, all, I don't have a formal post other than the blog updates. Bear with my as all of these changes take a considerable amount of time and energy from me. I will leave you with a weekend quote:

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it faith. Feed it truth. Feed it with love.

Your thoughts feed your mind body and spirit. Choose to feed yourself good thoughts. There's always something to be grateful for, even if it's simply the fact that you have the luxury of practicing gratitude. I'm choosing to remind myself that discomfort is evidence I'm growing. Love you all and happy weekend!