simple pleasure of the week: freshly baked bread

Though my husband and I lead a gluten free lifestyle, we make exceptions every so often for freshly baked bread. As a nice little treat every now and then, the husband bakes a loaf of naturally fermented sourdough and then we indulge until the loaf has been devoured. Let's be honest, it rarely survives longer than a day in our household. We are serious about our bread. Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked bread, the satisfying crunch of the outside, contrasted with the warm, doughy soft center as you bite down? While it is extra special to bake bread yourself, or to have a lovely bohemian husband who bakes bread on occasion. It's not necessary. There are plenty of great bakeries from which you can obtain this simple pleasure. Smother it with jam, spread it with butter, or drizzle it with honey. It doesn't matter how you like it, just that you enjoy it when you do indulge. Now go forth and conquer a loaf ; )

Happy weekend!