simple pleasure of the week: wrapping up in a cozy blanket on a cold day

It's starting to warm up this week but we've had some cold cold days and nights...well, cold for California Coast weather at least ; ) There's nothing better than having a soft, cozy blanket to wrap yourself in. I always feel better when I have a blanket over me. Maybe it's because my body just runs cold. Maybe it's because I received a fuzzy blanket (fittingly named 'Fuzzy') from Santa when I was 10 that I was obsessed with and still use daily over 20 years later. Maybe it's what blankets stand for that makes me love them so much. Whatever it is, I know cozy blankets hold a special place in my heart. They make everything better on a cold day or night namely cuddling, reading, picnics, beach days, TV watching, movie nights, coffee, bedtime tea, bowl of cereal, blogging, you get the picture. I'm currently wrapped in a blanket right I'm typing this. This weekend, as the night gets chillier, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and remember what a lovely simple pleasure this is. Happy weekend!