create the life you want

This is one of my favorite quotes. It is a great reminder of the choice we have. You don't have to spend your life waiting for the big break or for a change to occur. You have control over the way your life turns out. The older I get the more I realize this. I went through the first 22 years of my life just going with the flow, thinking what's meant to be will be. It's an easy way to live and my life did unfold smoothly. But as I entered adulthood I had choices to make and no one was making them for me. So I took charge and came to find the more big decisions I made the more I wanted to make. It hit me that while it was easier to just go with what was put in front of me, I was happier creating the life I wanted. I'd rather choose what's next for me than let things unfold based on what those around me expected; what society expected. Everyone has a choice.