the spring equinox: a time of awakening

This past Sunday marked the spring equinox, when the sun crossed the celestial equator and moved north. As we transitioned from winter to spring we were met with a balance between light and dark, with exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. I love this time of the year as nights become shorter and daylight longer.

Spring is thought to be a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal. A time of new life and new beginnings. This can be taken literally as both plants begin to grow and animals are born, or figuratively as a time of change and development within ourselves. It is said to be a time of awakening. A time when what we think, feel, and do is magnified. I think Seane Corn said it beautifully the other day, "Everything changes. This is the beauty and devastation of being alive. Light becomes dark, birth becomes death, attachment becomes loss, and on and on. Surrender to the flow, accept the inevitability of change and know you are part of the great mystery of being that is life. For this spring equinox embrace change and growth and release all that no longer serves your light."

For me it is a time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. To take a holistic approach and evaluate what is working and what is not in all aspects of my life. To contemplate what areas need adjusting or could benefit from some change. Do I still want what I wanted last year at this time? Is my 10 year plan the same? Am I still working towards those bigger goals? Are my motivations and actions in line with my values? 

Spring definitely awakens my spirit. I'm not sure if it is that increase in vitamin D from the sun, the extra daylight to get things accomplished, or just the concept of this time being that of rebirth and renewal. But whatever it is, as Seane suggested, I embrace it whole heartedly as I connect deeper with myself and that which I value.