simple pleasure of the week: a joyful pet


Gosh is there anything better than watching a dog run along the beach full of pure joy, or jumping around to greet you as you arrive home? The jury is still out, but I'm pretty sure the answer is "nope". I always love walking down to our local beach to watch the dogs run around wildly and freely, and I'm pretty sure their joy is contagious because I've said time and time again, it's hard to be sad or upset when you are around a joyful pup. Pets remind you to be in the moment because that is how they live their lives. I have a friend who is father to two cats and if the 1,000 snapchats I've received of his cats are any indication of how much joy they bring him, I'd say those kitties are pretty much his favorite thing ever. You don't have to have a pet to enjoy this simple pleasure, as you can head down to your local dog park, beach, or visit an animal shelter to walk the dogs, or pet the cats as a volunteer.