simple pleasure of the week: cold cold water in a hot hot yoga class


Cold cold water in a hot hot yoga class might be one of the simple pleasures I get to enjoy the most. I'm always surprised how amazing a big gulp of ice-cold water is when you are in the middle of a hot yoga class. I know there's an entire movement towards going waterless in yoga, in order to minimize distractions and maximize your "moving meditation" experience, but I'm always moved when I drink my cold water in class and realize how grateful I feel for something so simple. I don't know if I want to take away that simple pleasure of cold cold water, because the gratitude I feel is something that makes me truly happy. I highly recommend the hydroflask bottle for enjoying this simple pleasure, but in my earlier days I froze 1/4 of my bottle so my water stayed cold throughout class. Give this simple pleasure a try next time you are in a hot yoga class.