simple pleasure of the week: cozy socks on a cold morning

I was always a slippers or barefoot kinda girl, but cozy socks have found a special place in my heart as of late. There's nothing like slipping on a super soft, plush pair of cozy socks on a cold night or morning. I recently invested in a more luxe pair of cozy house socks and am fairly sure it was money well spent. There's something so lovely about the feel of cozy socks pulled up around some leggings with a large flannel or oversized sweatshirt, hidden underneath baggy pajama pants, tucked into slippers, or against a hardwood floor as you slide across Risky Business style. Cozy socks don't have to be expensive, but it is nice to invest in a pair you can wear to death, and here along the west coast, the evening and early morning weather almost always lends itself to some big cozy socks : ).