simple pleasure of the week: the library

Oh how I love a good light-filled library with stacks and stacks of books, large bright windows, and tables and chairs for hours of reading. Libraries are full of books and magazines, they're quiet, and welcoming to hours of leisure. In the age of amazon, kindles, and ibooks, libraries have become a forgotten treasure. I used to walk up to the library every week and look at the books and magazines for an hour or so.  Libraries are an opportunity to discover books you never would have purchased, as you can leaf through as many as you'd like before choosing some to checkout. For minimalists, libraries are a great way to read books without accumulating clutter in your home since you simply return your books after you've finished them. Libraries are filled with good energy, calming energy, and they have a special culture we don't often think about. Remember the term "library voices" from childhood? Libraries lend themselves to focus, reflection, and learning, and the best part about them....they are totally free!!