simple pleasure of the week: creating with nature

Remember when we were kids and used to play with mud, rocks, shells, sand, and branches? Remember when we built sandcastles, and drew on the concrete with chalk, built forts and made mud pies? What happened? There are so many ways to be creative and there's something extra special about using nature to create. Creating with nature reminds us to see the world in another way; that rocks can also be stacks of art, driftwood can create a symbol of peace or a make-believe house, dried seaweed becomes a grass skirt, and sand can transform into a king's castle. 

Next time you are out on a hike, or at the beach, look around at all of the natural mediums laying around, and create something just for the simple pleasure of doing it, or bring some objects home to use in a future art project. I'm planning on gathering some driftwood, leaves, and bird feathers for some of my future art therapy groups.