simple pleasure of the week: the sky!

We recently wrote about stargazing as a simple pleasure but don't want to forget about the sky in general. How gorgeous is the sky?

At sunrise, at sunset, blue sky with white puffy clouds, the sky peeking through an umbrella of leaves...

...from your airplane window flying high above the clouds, looking down from above...

It's gorgeous. It's free. The sky is always there, during the day or during the night, to remind us how small and insignificant we are, and how small and insignificant 99% of our worries are in relation to the universe. 

I love the sky behind an ocean, the sunset on a warm humid night, and especially while on vacation, your work and your worries, temporarily left at home.

Just as we wrote about stargazing with a loved one, I now write about gazing at clouds while you lay upon grass or sand, your body warmed by the sun. This one is a simple pleasure that is always there, you just have to look up with mindfulness, with attention, with intention of appreciating that thing above us.