simple pleasure of the week: fresh, local berries

With summer in full swing here, the farmer's markets are chockerbock full of fresh, locally grown berries. Strawberries are always a treat, one I cherish during the summer months. They are delicious by themselves, semi-frozen, as dessert, on pancakes, atop ice cream or in pies. I have fond memories of strawberry shortcake before fireworks on the 4th of July, and strawberries atop waffles with whipped cream on lazy weekend mornings. It's always a treat to have berries after lunch at work. Plus, how beautifully iconic are strawberries piled high, as they peak above their green baskets?!  We always buy organic berries, because strawberries are on the dirty dozen. Next time you're at a farmer's market, pick up a basket of fresh berries and enjoy this simple pleasure before the season is over.