simple pleasure of the week: long, meaningful conversations


When was the last time you sat down with someone and had a real, face to face conversation? One without the distraction of a computer screen, cell phone, or other wandering thoughts. In this day and age of social media and the glorification of busy, those genuine conversations seem to be harder to come by. I was reminded of this this past week. I get so caught up in text messaging that I forget sometimes the impact a deep conversation can have. Texting or communication through social media can be such an easy way to connect with someone else, but not on a deeper level. I love communicating in those forms so I can be able to quickly move on to the next task or activity, but I find myself sometimes wanting more. Those conversations tend to be more on the surface or superficial. I sat down with a close friend this past week and just chatted about life, love, work, everything and anything. It made me feel cleansed, renewed if you will. It reminded me of the importance of these moments. It clarified some unanswered questions I was having about my path and deepened my connection with this other person. It is such a simple thing to do, to stop what we are doing and really engage in conversation with another human being, and yet it seems to be more and more challenging to find the time and energy. Try putting away the cell phone and being fully present with another human being this weekend and then notice how you feel after the conversation. I have seen at parties or at the dinner table baskets where everyone has to leave their phones while at that house/event. I love that concept, free from distraction to focus on those around us. A definite simple pleasure of mine.