simple pleasure of the week: being in water

Whether surfing, playing, splashing, wading, or swimming,  people seem to gravitate towards water, especially in the summertime. I was reminded this past weekend just how much fun the water can be. Seeing so many pictures on social media of friends and family enjoying the holiday by swimming in lakes, splashing in the ocean, and floating in pools made me think about how wonderful the water really is and what effects it has on our well being. On a sunny day here on the west coast people gravitate towards the beach, and on cold days the hot tub always seems like a good idea. People spend huge amounts of money to buy a house by the water, build a pool in their backyard or fly somewhere tropical just to step in the warm ocean. Being in water feels good. It can calm the busyness of the mind, bringing us into a more relaxed, meditative state. It can also rejuvenate, restore, and cleanse the body and mind. If I've had a long day at work, taking a bath or shower can wash away any stress and reenergize me. Additionally, being outside with the sun coming down can do wonders for a person's mood. People come together in these places to spend quality time with each other,  leave the stress of everyday life behind, and find time to relax and be playful.