self-help books that live up to the hype


I'm not one to get excited about self-help books. I'd prefer to experience something myself and then decide the right path or action to take from there. To me it is similar to walking into a clothing store and the salesperson running up to me asking if they can help me find something. My response is always no. I know myself and my style better than anyone else and enjoy the experience of wandering around a shop until I come across that perfect item all on my own. With that being said, my perception of self-help books has shifted a bit in recent years after stumbling upon some great reads. There is something wonderful about books that cover a very specialized topic that has caught my interest.  I have been really enjoying ones that teach me something that not only improves my health and well-being, but examines a topic I may never know about otherwise. That is the case for these four books below. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of them. They've given me greater insight and are all "page turners". That is a lot coming from me. I don't finish many books because I'm a very slow reader and so when I do it has to be something that really grabs my attention and keeps me focused. 

  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. With a category-by-category decluttering process and the concept of only having things in your home that "spark joy", this book touched a nerve. It may have to do with my slight OCD, but reading this really did make me excited to clean and organize. I have been moving more towards a minimalist approach in my home and this book is helping me get there. Having only items that bring joy  allows me to feel an increased sense of calm and contentment. 
  • French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guilano. This book is not about dieting, but about living a healthier lifestyle in order to keep the body at an equilibrium and avoid putting on those extra pounds. I have spoken a little bit about it already when discussing my "no-diet" diet. The book also transports you into the French lifestyle, examining the difference between French and American eating habits. Some great tricks and tips were picked up or reintroduced from this read.
  • The Microbiome Diet by Raphael Kellman. I kept hearing about the microbiome and healing your gut. I also kept hearing claims about pre and probiotics. I really wanted to learn more and picked up this book on a recommendation from Ashley. It explores these concepts from the perspective of an internist who specializes in holistic medicine. 
  • Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. As I enter my 30s I have started to think more about motherhood and planning for a family of my own. I find myself bringing this book up in conversation with friends and family. It opened my eyes to a parenting style that differs from that here in America, without one way being "better" than the other. This is an entertaining and easy read, my favorite in this list I think.