Simple Pleasure of the Week: Being Your Own Mode of Transportation

I know, I know, majority of America just isn't set up for walking and biking, leaving us dependent upon oil via cars, and/or buses. It's so nice when you can be your own mode of transportation though, to work, brunch, shops, or meet ups with friends. The wonderful thing about being your own mode of transportation is you are able to enjoy the journey. Focus subtly shifts from destination to also encompass the journey to your destination as well. Walking or biking slows down travel and you are able to notice the environment on a deeper level. I've found that walking to restaurants or shops, also gives me a deeper sense of connection to my community. If you're walking/biking to a restaurant, the journey home is a nice way to burn off calories and help digest your food. My husband and I often walk to the local supermarket to pick up groceries for dinner, and then walk home. It turns out to be about a 20 min walk each way, but it gives us a sense of satisfaction to know that we got some exercise and had a chance to truly connect without distracting electronics along the way. If you live in a big city, you already get to enjoy this simple pleasure, but if you're part of a suburban community, it may be a bit more difficult. Sometimes, we drive to town, park and then spend the day wandering around, walking to a coffee shop, looking in shops, and then walking to lunch or dinner. 

You could even make a day out of it, biking to and from town, locking your bikes and then walking around in between. Give this simple pleasure a try while the weather is still beautiful out.

Happy Weekend!