10 Childish Activities to Revisit in Adulthood (Guest Post)

Enjoy the Happiness | Collective's first ever guest post!! There are so many great minds out there, innovative thinkers, and creative voices. Happiness | Collective was always meant to be...well...a collective! It's my pleasure to be able to host an amazing thinker, yogi, like-minded individual below. Scroll to the end to learn more about Morgan, and where you can find her on social media!

Growing up often means growing out - we grow out of our clothing, we grow out of childish behaviors & we grow out of juvenile activities. When’s the last time you ran around the house in your underwear? Or built an epic battleship with your Legos? Or stayed up all night reading a new book under the covers by flashlight? Certain games & behaviors tend to remain firmly in the past. But as I get older, I’m more & more drawn to reverting to “childish” activities sometimes. Revisiting these situations of innocence & adventure can provide a refreshing perspective! So often in adulthood we don’t commit to anything unless we can measure its value. We go to work every day to make x amount of dollars to pay x amount of bills. We go to the gym to burn x amount of calories to lose x number of pounds.

Doing something just because we want to, & for no other reason, is exactly what we need sometimes to rewind, refresh & reset. Try some of my suggestions below or anything else your mind gravitates to:

  1. Twinning - Grab a friend & rock matching outfits for the day! Take some photos to memorialize your BFF status!

  2. Coloring - There’s a reason adult coloring books are so popular right now! In addition to just being fun, coloring has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety & encourage mindfulness. Google ‘adult coloring book’ for free, printable images.

  3. Hopscotch, Double dutch, Jumprope, etc. - Get outside! Spend an afternoon in the sun playing your favorite childhood game. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

  4. Finger Foods - As a kid, the best meals were the ones that didn’t require utensils. Whip up a culinary masterpiece that you can eat with your hands! Some of my favorite finger foods are tofu spring rolls, veggies with hummus & celery with peanut butter.

  5. Cartoon Themed EVERYTHING - You probably had a favorite cartoon character, superhero or Disney princess as a kid. You probably also had at least a few items with their faces plastered all over them. Revisit that adoration, adult style! Rock some Wonder Woman pajamas or a Captain America phone case. Own that minion Onesie or Star Wars backpack!

  6. Build an Epic Fort - Grab a loved one & enlist their help to build Fort Awesome. Sheets, pillows, chairs, sofas, towels & blankets can help you turn your living room from minimalist chic into adventure extreme!

  7. Movie Marathon - Devote an entire day to watching movies! You could revisit some of your childhood favorites or watch something more recent. The most important part of a movie marathon is to wear your pajamas all day & to order in for every meal!

  8. Karaoke - No, not the bar kind. The nobody’s home, hairbrush as a microphone, guilty pleasure song kind! Bonus points if you slide around your hardwood floors in socks.

  9. Arts & Crafts - Pipe cleaners! Popsicle sticks! Glitter! Beads! Glue gun! Head to your local craft store & pick up a variety of supplies. Then make something! It doesn’t have to be pretty or functional. Just make a mess & have fun doing it.

  10. Take a Bubble Bath - Chances are you’ve probably done this as an adult, maybe minus the bubbles. But bubbles were an essential part of a childhood bath, so throw in that bath bomb & splash around a bit! Give yourself a Santa Claus bubble beard if you’re feeling silly!


There’s nothing wrong with taking a day (or a whole weekend) off from adult-ing. You’ll likely feel happier & more relaxed for having done so! Especially with the stressful holiday season coming up, it’s more important than ever to make time for self-care. So pick an activity, grab your supplies & go have some pure, unadulterated fun!

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