35 Self-Care Activities to get you through the holidays

Holidays are just so busy. When we get busy, self-care is often the first to get cut from our daily routines. It's one week away from Christmas and I've noticed that already the yoga classes are significantly smaller. Suicide rates increase around the holidays along with stress levels. So interestingly, the holiday season is a time when we need our self-care the most, and as a society practice it the least. Holidays bring up emotional stuff related to family issues, relationship conflicts, financial insecurities, you name it. Holidays and weddings intensify everything that is good and bad. I know you're all short on time but do care for yourself mind body & spirit! Below I've compiled a list of self-care activities to get you through the holiday season:

  1. Brew some tea and take time out to savor it
  2. Light some incense
  3. Shower by candlelight
  4. Take a night off from electronics
  5. Get out in nature
  6. Smudge your home
  7. Send yourself love with eyes closed and hands on heart
  8. Put on your favorite song and sing along in the car
  9. Dance in your livingroom
  10. Do a self massage atop a tennis or lacrosse ball
  11. Read inspiring quotes
  12. Watch inspiring YouTube videos
  13. Make a gratitude list
  14. Deep Breathing for 3 minutes (or longer but c'mon everyone has 3 min)
  15. Wheatgrass shots, or ginger juice shots, or turmeric juice shots. 
  16. Journal
  17. Go to a yoga class
  18. Meditate (insight timer is my fav app to use)
  19. Literally just stand up, forward fold hold your elbows. Breathe.
  20. Diffuse essential oils in your home. Lavender is always a good idea
  21. Bubble bath with candles
  22. Tell someone how much you love them
  23. Go on a long walk
  24. Beachcombing
  25. Sit by a fire without electronic devices
  26. Get creative (art, diy, crafts)
  27. Do a face mask (you know, the clay, kind)
  28. Mani/Pedi
  29. Meet a friend for lunch or a green juice, or a yoga class, or coffee, or all of the above
  30. Put your PJ's in the dryer for a few minutes before changing into them
  31. Child's pose
  32. Cloud gazing 
  33. Stargazing
  34. Make a mantra for the day and say it to yourself every hour
  35. Step away from it all. Keep it simple. Holidays are about love not things.