Why you should try going electricity-free for a night

It's been stormy here in Pacific Grove, California. Last night our power went out, mid yoga class. We paused in between postures in darkness while the teacher placed small battery operated lights around the room. Class became an impromptu candlelight yoga class. The mood suddenly changed, and class became something extra special with the mood lighting to help us all connect with ourselves. Fast forward to our return home, and we also found the house had no power. I gathered all the candles from around the house and lit them so our living room and kitchen were illuminated during dinner. What seemed like an inconvenience at first turned out to be a great experience. Without the hum from our usual electronics (e.g. bathroom fans, refrigerator) the house was blissfully quiet. There was no internet to surf the web, no distractions in the evening. My husband and I became aware of all the noises outside without the sound of music, electrical appliances, or television to distract. Dinner was spent at the table, with only candles to serve as our mood lighting. We read for a while and then went to bed really early. Like, REALLY EARLY. I found that my body was able to unwind and quiet down as nature intended without electricity around to trick my circadian rhythm. Without the light of electronics, or distraction Netflix and the web provide, I was truly connected with my energy levels. I was truly connected with the present moment, the sights, sounds, smells around.

This led to a convo with the husband over brunch today about distractions. We both had a similar experience sans electricity, where it felt like a welcomed, unplugged break, one that provided a reconnection with ourselves and with nature. We talked about the integration of an unplugged day or night from electricity as a means of decompressing and rebalancing. Last night reminded me that life provides unexpected gifts as long as we can be present and aware to enjoy them. If you find yourself in a state of unrest, of unbalance, try a night unplugged, lit by candlelight as a means of reconnecting. 

Reasons to go electricity-free for a night

  1. Less distractions
  2. Candlelight is romantic
  3. Promotes healthier and earlier sleep
  4. Promotes conversation and connection between you and your partner
  5. Quiets your senses (e.g. reduced noise and light stimulation)
  6. Promotes creativity by forcing you out of your comfort zone and nightly routine
  7. Makes you grateful for electricity (something we typically take for granted)
  8. Promotes Mindfulness