Bedtime Habits to Improve Sleep

Hey guys, sleep is important. Sleep is king. Sleep is essential to our overall functioning! Above are 10 bedtime habits to improve sleep. Use as many of your senses as possible when creating a bedtime routine (e.g. touch, taste, smell, sound). Most of the tips are self-explanatory but I want to clarify a couple. No. 1: turn off electronics 1 hour before bedtime. As soon as the blue light from electronic screens hits our retina, the body stops producing melatonin (nature's Ambien). I know  I'm guilty of using electronics too close to bedtime, but if you are having trouble sleeping, electronics should be the first thing you eliminate in the nighttime. Finally, No. 6. Read (preferably fiction). Fiction helps you to escape everyday life, to get lost in a fantasy, and to take a mental vacation. Majority of people who have difficulty falling asleep report they have trouble shutting their brain down, slowing the thoughts in their head. Reading is helpful in general, but I think fiction does a better job at calming the brain, so that's the reasoning behind the preference given to fiction. Build a bedtime routine that feels authentic to you and your lifestyle, but do try to create some kind of a routine. Good bedtime routines, practiced over time can help signal the brain and body to start winding down, thus improving your ability to relax and fall asleep when the time for bed comes. Hope this was helpful and happy snoozing everyone!