Simple Pleasure of the week: Shopping Locally

The farmers' market is a weekly event for us. We love the full experience of walking around outdoors, live music playing, and buying most of our food for the week straight from local farmers. The quality of the food is better than anything you'll get in the supermarkets, and it connects me with the people who grow my food. I love that I'm able to support local, organically grown produce by buying directly from the growers than from the supermarkets. It holds everyone accountable and puts a humanness back into food for us. The farmers' market also gives me power to use my money to support something I believe in, to stick it to the man so to speak, and place my vote for food gown with love. Something about shopping what's in season also connects me with the earth's natural rhythm, with the food that's most nourishing, given the weather patterns, with food that's been picked right before purchase rather than shipped hundreds of miles. I had been eyeing a book on Amazon for quite some time but decided to pick it up at our local bookstore instead. I did pay a few extra dollars but got the experience of shopping in store in exchange, time to spend leafing through interesting books, smelling incense, holding actual items in my hand before making a purchase. Now I do my fair share on online shopping, but again, nothing can beat the experience of shopping locally from actual humans who just might live in your neighborhood. For all of these reasons, shopping locally is this week's simple pleasure. Happy Weekend!