You Know You're A Yogi When

I wanted to give you guys more of a fun post this week. Matt and I both love yoga so we had fun thinking of yogi indicators. Some are more serious, and some are just a bit silly. I'm definitely guilty of all of these (especially the silly ones). You know you're a yogi when:

  1. You wear yoga pants more than "real" pants
  2. Your diet involves the words "gluten free", "vegetarian", "vegan", "organic" or "sustainable"
  3. You decline invites from friends because you can't miss "class"
  4. You always know when kombucha goes on sale at your local supermarket
  5. Sore muscles are a regular occurrence
  6. You know the meaning of "namaste", "om", "ujayi", and "chaturanga"
  7. You consider mala necklaces a fashion statement
  8. The perfect weekend involves savasana