How to Use Hygge to Beat the Winter Blues

I know I get a little blue during the winter season. Every year I lament over the time change, over the shorter days, over the fact that the sun has set by the time I get off work. I lament the cold weather. I lament the fact that I feel less motivated in the cold dark middle of winter. This year I'm taking a fresh perspective to beat the winter blues. Hygge, (pronounced Hue-guh) is the Danish word which encapsulates coziness, comfort, and enjoying the simple pleasures. Think Scandinavian coziness in the simplest, most romantic form. Hygge is a feeling, I would like to feel. Winter is the best time for hygge, and cold weather beckons for cozy. I'm using the concept of hygge this year to beat the winter blues and to transform winter into something to be celebrated. Below are my 4 tips for using hygge to beat the winter blues:

  1. Candles. There's nothing dreamier than candlelight. Use candles whenever possible to make the mundane feel special. If you're going to miss the daylight, you might as well take advantage of the dark. Shower, have dinner, read by candlelight and you just might find yourself looking forward to the shorter days. 
  2. Cozy Layers. I received the best cozy socks in my stocking for Christmas last year. I mean, they were extra premium, and definitely an investment pair of socks, but they make the winters so much more hygge. There's nothing better than cozy socks on a rainy day. There's nothing better than a plush soft robe on a cold morning. There's nothing better than an oversized sweatshirt as you lounge around the house. 
  3. Tea. Truly take time out for a hot cup of tea throughout the day, and it will make all the difference. Tea is one thing you can't really enjoy when it's warm outside so take advantage of the ability to enjoy this special treat. I have been making multiple cups of tea throughout the days, and it's been such a winter treat. Bonus if you get the tea with the inspiring quotes on them. 
  4. Blankets. I am obsessed with blankets. They make everything feel cozier. Invest in a couple soft, warm blankets and snuggle up in them all day. An electric blanket, flannel sheets, or heated mattress pad are all great ways to hygge all winter long. 

So those are my tips for using hygge to beat the winter blues. It's really about embracing winter. Making your home, or room, or space a cocoon against the cold, and enjoying the simple pleasures all around. Happy Winter everyone!