Happy Weekend

I'm just beginning to learn this. Freedom is not in the getting, it's in the letting go. It's in the letting go of resentment, the letting go of fear. Freedom is in the letting go of our need to control things, to do something in order to...How often I do things in order to get something in return. Majority of our energy is spent in the getting, in the working for, in the working towards goals; in the accomplishing, doing, producing. And when our emotions are involved, the letting go seems to be extra difficult. It's so hard to let go of negative feelings. It's so hard to forgive when we've been hurt. When we hold onto resentment, or anger, or bitterness, those negative feelings have power over us. Letting go releases that power, giving us freedom from. And, so this week I'm trying to remember that freedom comes from the letting go, not from the getting. Happy Weekend!