Harnessing the energy of our own moon cycle

This is really a post about your, umm... period, menstrual cycle also known as your moon cycle in the yoga world. Sorry boys, insert monkey covering eyes emoji, this post is not really for you, though I think the information is interesting. 

Just like the lunar moon cycle, our own moon cycle waxes and wanes bringing about energetic ebbs and flows. Check out more information on the lunar cycle here. The time of your period is like the full moon, and the time right after your period is like the new moon. Think of a building up of energy, a peak, and then a release. This is what us ladies go through every month with our own moon cycle. There's a natural building up of energy, of emotions, a peak which often shows up as agitation, moodiness, and then a natural release. Due to hormonal changes throughout the month, our energy also waxes and wanes. The week right after menstruation is typically the highest energy time for us. It's a time to start new projects, engage in creative work, to get stuff done. Much like the new moon, it's a time to think about what you want to attract into your life and set the wheels in motion. After that first week, our energy slowly declines, leaving us with the lowest energy the week leading up to menstruation. The few days before and the few days after we start our period should be a time of rest, recharging, self-care, and reflection. Much like the full moon, menstruation enhances and magnifies any imbalances we might have going on making reflection and introspection perfect activities to do during this week. 

Nature constantly goes through cycles just as we do, much like days and nights, winter and spring, there is a natural hibernation and a natural blossoming. Rather than fighting against our body's natural energy cycle, like carrying a river downstream, we can learn to flow with it. Give your body the rest it deserves on your low energy weeks, taking that time to really nurture yourself mind body & soul. Create monthly rituals according to your cycle for high energy weeks and low energy weeks to truly harness the natural ebb and flow of energy associated with your seasons.

For more information check out The Woman Code by Alisa Vitti. This book truly opened my eyes to how our hormones affect our body's functioning.