Mindfulness Minute: Beachcombing

Mindfulness is really about paying attention to the present moment, on purpose and non-judgmentally. We used to be hunter gatherers, intent on whatever it was that we were searching for be it a deer for dinner, or the right plants to cook up. Life before technology, before the industrial revolution lent itself to mindfulness. We were forced to do EVERYTHING ourselves, all day. Most things took time and concentration such as washing and mending your clothing, finding dinner, cooking dinner, tending to your livestock, or garden. Now, we don't have to put much concentration into those daily tasks. We have microwaves to warm our dinners, machines to wash our clothes, farmers to grow our produce or tractors to tend the crops. Getting back to being completely absorbed in something in this day and age, is a mindfulness practice. Beachcombing is one of my favorite ways to practice mindfulness. I love walking the shoreline, truly looking at all the stones and shells, picking them up and feeling the shapes and textures of your treasures in hand. When I become truly absorbed in the process, I often find myself surprised to realize I've come to the end of the beach. If you live near the ocean, you have access to this free mindfulness exercise anytime you'd like. Bonus points if you can throw your treasures back in a practice of non-attachment. Next time you need a break, or to clear your head, try beachcombing. Happy Weekend!