Simple Changes you can make to improve your life

I'm a huge advocate of living an intentional life, of taking the time to reflect on what's not working and what you can do to change it. However, sometimes you just need to feel differently or you just need things to change, but you have no idea how to change them. I believe if you can change the input, you will change the output, so even if you have no idea what needs to change, making positive changes in any part of your life can yield improvement in all areas of your life. Below are a few ideas of positive changes you can make in your life today:

  1. Morning routine: If you have no morning routine, you need one like now. If you already have a morning routine, chances are you can make changes to improve it. For example, add in some activity to get your brain switched into the positive thinking mode such as writing a gratitude list, saying a daily affirmation, or reading something inspirational for 10-15 minutes. How you spend your morning, has an affect on the trajectory of your day so make your morning routine reflect how you want to feel for the rest of the day. Avoid rushing, or stimuli that could set you into a negative headspace.
  2. Nighttime routine: If you're not sleeping well, nothing else can go well either. Sleep is the time when you recharge and refresh on a mental, emotional and cellular level. If you don't have a nighttime routine, you need one. Have a specific bedtime and a routine you do before bed to help your mind and body wind down. It may be a warm shower, some light reading, while you light a scented candle, or burn incense. Do things that represent relaxation to you.
  3. Affirmations: The use of positive words and reassuring statements can be so powerful. Think of some that are relevant to you and your needs. Write them out or say them out loud, and you can even add affirmations into your morning or nighttime routines.
  4. Meditation: Adding in meditation is such a positive change to make. There are so many types of meditations that you're bound to find one method you truly resonate with if you keep searching. Try to do it everyday, even if you can only fit in 3 minutes, because the benefits happen when you meditate consistently everyday.
  5. Moving your body: Daily movement has such a healing effect. Not only does exercise flush stress out of the body, but it also releases positive "feel good" chemicals in the brain. Sometimes the mind can't relax until the body has been worked out. Find some way to move on a daily basis. 
  6. Rearranging your furniture: Sometimes you just need a change, and rearranging the furniture in your house can give you that fresh start feeling. Even if you can't change anything else, you may be able to shift what your living environment feels like just by changing around the configuration of your rooms. 
  7. Taking a new route to work: When I quit my job and began gradschool, I started driving the scenic route, just because I had the time. It was definitely an action that represented a fresh start. Taking a new route to work can help to break up some of your old patterns. When I drive by the ocean on my way to work, I always take a pause to express gratitude for the natural beauty in front of me. Taking a nicer route to work can represent that there's more to life than efficiency. It can also remind us how important it is to enjoy the journey.

So there you have it. These are just a few simple ways you can change your life when larger changes feel daunting. Just begin experimenting. Try something new for 1 week and assess whether it's made a difference. The point is, you always have control over something, so if you're wanting to improve your life, figure out where you can put your energy, what you can change, and change it.