5 Hidden things that could be cluttering your mind

It's hard enough to get the space we need to think clearly and effectively with the constant stimulation that electronics, and to-do lists provide. It's also completely crucial to create space for mental and emotional processing, relaxation, and recharging and it's our own responsibility to clear the mental and emotional clutter so we can feel truly relaxed when we do have the time to unwind. Below are 4 hidden things that may be cluttering your mind and preventing you from truly relaxing:

  1. An unclean home: We can't not be effected by our environment. It's almost impossible to feel truly clean mentally, if we are living in a home that is unclean physically. Dirty dishes in the sink, dusty tables, crumbs on the floor or mold in the shower all take up mental and emotional space. Make it a point to keep your space clean in order to keep your mind clean.

  2. Excess clutter: Things take up mental energy. Every item your eye falls upon as you scan your home, occupies space in your mind. Even if your items are clean, and dust free, removing excess "stuff" from your home frees up mental and emotional real estate.

  3. Procrastinated projects: Procrastinating feels good in the moment, but simply prolongs the stress of the looming deadline or project. Every "to do" we have hanging out in the back of our mind produces an amount of stress. Some produce more stress than others, but every time you're reminded of that thing you haven't completed, it's a feeling that takes emotional and mental energy.

  4. Unclean bedsheets: The bed is literally the place where we recharge. It's difficult to feel completely relaxed in a bed that doesn't feel fresh and clean. I always recommend keeping your bed energetically 'clean' as well, meaning you reserve that space solely for rest. Watching movies, working from home, basically anything that doesn't feel restful, should be banned from the bed.

  5. Unpaid bills or debt: I know debt is more and more common nowadays with the increase in education costs, but do everything you can to pay off debt as quickly as possible. Even if you have to live in a studio apartment to pay your bills quicker, I believe it's worth it. Make your studio cozy, and beautiful. Enjoy living in simplicity for a few years and celebrate the simple pleasures, all the while knowing you're working to clear away the mental/emotional stress debt places on you.