The Secret to Getting What You Want

We don't attract what we want, we attract who we are. Attract joy by being joyful. Attract love by being loving. Attract abundance by feeling abundant. Attract things to be grateful for by being grateful. 

Think of your mind like a field of wheat. Every time you go to a place in your mind, you carve out a path to that destination. Take anger, for example. The more you go to a place of anger, the more defined the path becomes, and the easier it will be to go to anger in the future. Every time you go to a place of calm, you carve out the path to calm. By practicing healthy mindset habits such as affirmations, positive morning routines, and stress reduction activities, you define the paths in the brain to positivity, happiness, calm, and gratitude. Ultimately, you want these positive paths to be more well-paved than anger, anxiety, panic, and despair, so that when you are faced with challenging moments, your brain can choose the more positive destination. The best way to ensure you will go to these beautiful places in your mind is to practice positive thinking habits every day. Develop routines. Practice happy, abundant, grateful, and calm so that you can attract happiness, abundance, gratitude and peace.  

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