Meet Auggie

I don't have a formal post about happiness written for this week but I think this little guy is pretty relevant to the topic. Meet Auggie, the newest member of our family. He's already earned nicknames like Auggie Doggie, and Auggie Bear.  He's an 8 week old West Highland White Terrier also known as a Westie. He stole our hearts as soon as we saw his little face, and the best news is he loves to be held and loves to cuddle. He's mellow, like Matt and I, but also mischievous, and a bundle of energy at times. I am on puppy duty all week, and he has already taught me so much about love, and so much about happiness. He has endless love to give, lives in the present moment, and simply wants to play, sleep, and cuddle. These decisions of the heart: to get married, to adopt a dog, to have a baby, are usually scary at first, but end up filling your heart with even more love, and even more happiness.