One trick for cultivating gratitude

Sometimes I’m surprised by the fact that I’m a grown up, but when I remember that I am, in fact, an actual adult I’m also reminded about how I’m responsible for creating my life. Nobody else. I’m solely responsible for the life that I have, and it’s easy to get caught up in the wanting of the next thing. There are so many dreams I have for my future, so many things and experiences I want. If you’re anything like me, then you may also find yourself in a place where the wanting makes you forget how amazing your life already is.

I’m just fresh home from a vacation in Tulum, and while I was there I felt completely aligned with abundance. It was an amazing trip full of amazing experiences. I spend the week in gratitude, and started my days with gratitude journaling. One thing that struck me was how much gratitude I felt for the simple fact that I had created a life which included trips like that one. It made me realize how good my life was already, one rich in relationships, in love, in inspiration, and in health. I felt proud that I had a created a life which included vacations. The wanting was quelled.

What experiences make you feel grateful for your life? It’s important to think about this question, identify some experiences that might give you a similar sense of gratitude for your life, add them into your life regularly, and then take the time to remind yourself how you’ve built a life that allows you to have such experiences. It doesn’t have to be a tropical vacation. It might be a massage, or a concert, but the key is to take the time to really let the weight of that experience to sink in and to remind yourself that you’ve built a life which includes such pleasures. I hope this strategy works for you the way it worked for me. Happy Weekend!