Simple Pleasure of the Week: Road Trips

I’ve recently been thinking about the power of disconnecting, even if just for a day, heading out of town, and getting some space. Road trips don’t have to be long journeys, but can also include short changes of scenery, not too far but far enough to disconnect from your everyday life. Matt and I have never been so busy, but we’ve found that even heading out of town for 1 day can help to hit the reset button. A change in location, also changes the sensory input you’re receiving, giving your brain a break from the old triggers of stress, or worry. The other weekend I drove out of town for a yoga workshop. I found myself driving down the freeway, good music playing in the car, and feeling grateful that I had the time, money and resources to take that short trip. Road trips can remind us of all we have to be grateful for, and give us the space we need for renewal allowing us to return home reconnected. Space is important for recharging and renewing your mind body and spirit. For this reason, road trips are this week’s simple pleasure. Happy Weekend!