How to create a day of grounding

We are all so busy. Unfortunately, busy seems to be where society is headed and thus in order to avoid the busy trap, it’s necessary to be intentional about creating space and staying grounded and focused. Intentional is the key word here, because I’ve had lazy days that were more reactional in nature than intentional. The lack of activities came from a reaction to burn-out or to feeling overwhelmed, and while there’s value in listening to your body and resting when needed, there’s also value in creating and scheduling uncluttered days with intention. Thus, planning a day of grounding every week or every other week can be so valuable, and instead of coming from a place of reaction, making this consistent grounding practice part of your routine. I’ve also found that, interestingly, when I spend a day doing nothing on purpose it feels better than if I spend a day doing nothing out of default.

My tips for creating a day of grounding are to plan it out ahead of time, so you wake up with that intention. Also, while unstructured free-time may be part of your day, make sure some activities are actually planned. Below are some ideas for grounding day activities:

  • Watch the sunrise

  • Walk in nature

  • Go out for a long, leisurely brunch

  • Bring a picnic blanket and read a book outside, atop grass

  • Turn off all electronics for the day

  • Journal

  • Go swimming, or head to the beach or a body of water

  • Get a massage

  • Garden

  • Take your pet on a long walk

  • Cook a special meal or bake something yummy

  • Take a bath

  • Create art or make something

  • Play board games

  • Take a restorative yoga class

Creating a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly ritual of a consistent grounding practice can make a huge difference in your own sense of balance. I hope your day of grounding hits the reset button for you.