7 Ways to stop counting down to the weekend


I must say, I think most people live for the weekends, and unfortunately that mentality means we only feel truly happy 2 days out of the week. That’s 30% of the time. I know I’ve been guilty of counting down until the weekend more times than I can count, but I do think that with a few changes, we can make the weekdays feel a little more special. Below are 7 tips to help you stop living for the weekends:

  1. Create a mid-week tradition. This could be date night, movie night, or a special walk. I have a co-worker who does brinner (breakfast for dinner) every Wednesday night. This could include spending money out, or not, but making the middle of the week something to look forward to could change the way you feel about the weekdays in general.

  2. Get enough sleep. Part of the allure of weekends is the fact that we have the option to “catch up on sleep”. If you’re not sleeping enough throughout the week, it’s hard to associate a positive feeling with weekdays in general. Getting, full, restful sleep will support you in feeling good, healthy and vibrant EVERY DAY, and support you to make the positive changes it takes to enjoy weekdays.

  3. Wake up earlier. I know this sounds contradictory to tip number 2, but if you can wake up earlier, and actually have a good amount of time before you go to work, it feels as though your day isn’t JUST about work. I love to sit around in the morning, drink a couple cups of coffee, read something inspiring, and talk with my husband before heading off to work. By the time I walk into the office, I’ve had a good amount of time spent living life on my own terms. This makes a difference in creating a sense of control and freedom everyday instead of just on the weekends. Just make sure you adjust your bedtime to account for an earlier wake time.

  4. Wear amazing work outfits. Have fun with your wardrobe. If you aren’t excited about your work clothes, save up a couple hundred dollars and invest in some fun clothing or accessory pieces. Wearing amazing outfits can help you feel excited and inspired to go to work. Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly unenthusiastic about life, I wear an outfit that I do feel enthusiastic about and the day is suddenly improved. Never underestimate the power of these little things in improving your every day life.

  5. Exercise consistently. Exercise actually gives you energy. By exercising consistently throughout the week, you actually increase the chances that you’ll feel good on the weekdays vs. the weekends. I’m telling you, exercising throughout the week will make a huge improvement on energy levels, mood, appetite and sleep.

  6. Take your breaks at work. During an average 8 hour workday, you should be getting at least a 30 minute lunch break and 2 10-minute breaks. TAKE THEM! I get out consistently, at least every afternoon for my 10 minute break and take a walk around the block, headphones in, smiling at strangers on the street. When I get back into the office, my brain works better, I’ve gotten some fresh air, and with any luck I have an awesome song stuck in my head. These little breaks make a huge difference. Treat your breaks with respect and honor them. Don’t squander them on social media, but rather, actually do something rejuvenating and replenishing. I used to work a long stretch of weekends by myself. By the end I would feel so burnt out but when I began actually walking on my 10 minute breaks, I noticed a huge difference in my attitude and energy levels. Suddenly, I wasn’t feeling so tired at the end of my work stretch, or at the end of my work day. Again, take your breaks. If you can’t go outside, walk around the office building, or up and down stairs, listen to music or an inspiring podcast.

  7. Take long weekends throughout the year. This may sound counterintuitive, but when you have little mini breaks already scheduled, you don’t feel so time-deprived, thus allowing you to be more present. I recommend taking at least a 3-day weekend every quarter, using 4 days of paid leave in total/year. Along with the federal holidays that fall on a Monday, that means you would be getting approximately 11 long weekends. That’s almost one every month! Doesn’t that sound nice?! The other benefit to a long weekend is a short work-week. Life is all about balance. When you feel in balance, you’re able to be present, to feel focused, to sleep better, and to enjoy the everyday a little more fully. Sometimes, I think we live for the weekends because we aren’t living in balance with life, Re-balance by take mini breaks, and see if it doesn’t make a difference.

Hope these tips were helpful. I know they’ve helped me to enjoy the present, and enjoy the work week process a little more.