Simple Pleasure of the Week: Sick days

Sick days are kind of a complicated pleasure because as the term implies, in order to have a sick day, you need to be sick. However, the beauty about sick days is you can feel grateful for the simple truth that you are able to take the day off. Not everyone is able to do that. In fact, compared to the rest of the world, most people don’t have that luxury. Every day that I’ve woken up sick and decided to take the day off work, my body has let off a sigh of relief, a silent thank you for taking the time to care for myself. When needed, sick days can be a symbol of self-care and of your commitment to meeting your own needs. I recently took a much needed sick day, spending the time watching movies and laying around, and felt so much better for having done so. The next time you wake up feeling under the weather, you might consider taking a sick day, and trying to enjoy what you can of it. Happy Weekend!