Do this one thing to open your mind to possibilities

Matt and I were just watching an interview with Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” , entrepreneur and real estate investor with an estimated net worth of approximately 80 million dollars. He talked about the importance of questions vs. statements. Questions, he explained, open your mind to possibility and provide the opportunity to get into problem-solving, whereas statements close the mind, settling on one reality. Of course, his advice was geared towards making money, but you could apply this concept to any situation.

For example, the statement “I don’t have money” closes the mind, reinforcing the belief that you’re someone without money. The question “How can I make money?” opens the mind to get into problem-solving mode, keeping the self identified with the possibility of making money by calling on the mind to get to work finding a solution. Instead of stating “I can’t afford that”, asking the question “how can I afford that?”, again switches the meaning and the sense of empowerment.

This concept, also works for improving happiness and quality of life. Statements such as “I hate my job”, “I’m not fulfilled”, and/or “I don’t feel secure in my relationship”, could be transformed into “How could I find a job I love?” “What would I need to feel fulfilled?”, and/or “What would I need to feel secure in my relationship?”.

Of course, this is only the first step. Next, comes putting ideas into action, or narrowing down the options, or asking that question for years until a solution finally comes to you, but this switch in mindset makes the rest possible.

Next time you find yourself making a negative, self-limiting statement out loud, or in your mind, ask yourself the question. Get to work thinking of a solution. Everything and anything is possible.